You can’t do without sex

We all want to experience the dynamic sex we hear so much about at least once in our lifetime. Yet the vast majority of us never get to experience it. It is still for reproductive purposes, but why not actually enjoy it? In many cases, we read that all you need is the right position, or to make some kind of outfit. But neither costumes, toys, nor positions guarantee really good sex.
partneři pod peřinou
That\’s because it\’s only human. A happy couple is one that enjoys talking about sex as well as everyday pleasures and concerns. They talk together and discover together. Without that, it would be impossible. If partners don\’t tell each other what they want and expect from the other, it\’s only a matter of time before the other starts demanding it from the other. Of course, it is very difficult to find the “right partner” if you don\’t learn to talk about your desires and feelings, because it is rare to meet and match by chance. What you can\’t do, you have to practice. What you can do well, you have to perfect. That\’s what we\’re doing here will be an inspiration to those who want to “work on their technique.”
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Why we actually associate

because there is often something missing in our relationships. There is something that we consider so important that we decide to leave the relationship and look for a third party to supply it. It could be good sex, it could be love or trust. But there is always something missing. Of course, there is a different dimension for those who cheat just because they want to. Or someone who has excessive desire. But in general, one could say that will and time can solve everything. But often there is neither will nor time.
předehra k sexu

Children are a real obstacle. Once a child is born, a big rock falls between all couples. All that remains is how well the couple can cope with it. If they can get over that rock, so much the better.