Sports to Clear the Mind

As a kid, I loved riding my kid\’s bike. I always wanted a bike for Christmas, but my parents never bought me one for fear I would get hurt. And it didn\’t help to explain to them that I wouldn\’t fall off. Besides, it was funny that they had already bought me a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, which my parents got me when I was 6. When I was 7, I just wanted a bike. And honestly, I figured if my parents bought me these pads and a helmet, then of course I was going to get a bike.

Golf je klidný sport.

I found out later. A friend told me her daughter had fallen off her bike. She broke her leg badly twice and was immobilized for 6 months. So my 10 year old daughter can\’t ride a bike for a long time. I don\’t know what that has to do with anything. How can they say this about me when I am not? I\’m a great athlete. My parents know that I really loved to ride my bike as a kid, so it makes sense that I really like to bike.

Nejraději má kolo.

I was really desperate. Finally, my uncle bought me a bicycle. It was a used bike, so it was already worn out, but I didn\’t mind at all. I was a kid, and I was really grateful just for the fact that I finally had a bike. So I could finally play sports. I love sports and I love doing them. I\’m an avid athlete and I\’m glad my retired uncle still rides his bike with me sometimes as an adult. I also swim and run. I don\’t think a day goes by that I don\’t exercise, or at least play a sport. What is your favorite sport? Or do you prefer to stay home and watch TV? Everyone has such certified tips on what time works best for them, how to clear their head and be cool. If you like, I would also recommend golf. It\’s a very low-key sport.