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The risk of being physically assaulted in the UK is small but violent crimes unfortunately do happen. The good news is that there are ways to both reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime and fight off/escape the attacker. SierraBravo.co.uk will teach you how. More specifically, we will discuss:

Self Defence Lessons - How Can You Benefit from Taking Them

If you want to learn how to recognise potentially dangerous situations, avoid finding yourself face to face with an attacker and fight back if being physically assaulted, taking self defence lessons is most certainly a good idea. They won’t make you a Bruce Lee but they will teach you the basic self defence manoeuvres and show you how to react in real-life situations.

Martial Arts to Increase Your Personal Security

Defensive techniques that are taught at self defence classes are mostly based on a single hit, kick or other type of applying force to particular sensitive parts of the body. This means that you basically have only one chance to disable your attacker and escape. Martial arts, on the other hand, actually prepare you for an eventual confrontation and further reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime.

Know the Threats to Your Personal Security

It may be true that danger lurks everywhere but some situations/places make you more vulnerable to physical assault than the others. Therefore it is of utmost importance to know the potential threats to your personal security because it is a lot easier to avoid than fight an attacker, even if you train martial arts.

Staying Safe While Travelling

A trip to the unknown may be fun but it also poses an increased risk to your personal security. It is important to be aware that travellers are seen as easy targets by criminals throughout the world and for that reason you are advised to take extra precaution when abroad. Following a few simple measures can decide between a trip of your lifetime or your worst nightmare.

Personal Alarms, Self Defence Sprays and Home Security Products

Security technology has come a long way and for a few pounds, you can further improve both your personal and home security. You can’t rely only on a personal alarm, self defence spray or home security products but in combination with self defence lessons/martial arts and basic precaution measures, they will help you further reduce the risk of physical assault.