What do you do to annoy your husband?

Women talk about relationships more often than men, discuss them with their girlfriends, and confide in their men at home that they don\’t talk about them much. When there are problems in a partnership, the blame often lies with both parties. But what if you are really getting on your husband\’s nerves and actually discouraging him? Here\’s a guide to help you know where you stand.

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Don\’t try to change him

A man likes to be himself, and if you try to change him into your image, if you ask him to do something unpleasant or effeminate, or on the contrary forbid him to do something manly, you will definitely not get him on your side, on the contrary, he will immediately get in your face He will slam the door in your face.

Don\’t be overly sensitive

You will occasionally be teased or flattered by your partner. You do not take pleasure in it and are offended. You do not speak to him and you cry. Don\’t. The man will not know where he stands with you afterwards. It is better to laugh, even if the joke is directed at you.

[Blame him for not spending enough time with you

When we were dating, we spent every waking moment together. However, after a few years of dating, this is no longer the case. However, it is not only the man\’s fault. Instead of blaming him, buy tickets to the theater or go to a soccer game together. You may not enjoy it, but it doesn\’t matter because you will be together more often.

Let him breathe.

Whether you work for a company, are a homemaker, or do it all concurrently, the mountain of work comes crashing down on you every day, and you want to unload it on him as soon as you unlock the apartment. But that is not the best way to make your husband feel better, and it will piss him off. Let your husband have some breathing room.

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Don\’t blame him for not doing anything at home

You accuse your husband of doing nothing or not doing enough at home. If you are dissatisfied with your husband\’s job performance, first clarify what you want him to do or tell him that you need his help. But do not blame him. That is a reason to be angry.

Don\’t lump men together


Men cannot stand being compared to others, so don\’t lump yourself in with all the men in the world. Phrases like, “You guys are just like that,” should be avoided.