What are our real ones?

Candles have accompanied humans for thousands of years. This was already the case in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. They were made by rolling up a linen cloth and filling it with oil or butter. Finally, it was bound with more cloth. With the development of electricity, we began to use candles for more than just lighting to relax with their flame and fragrance. They also came to be used as beautiful and fragrant decorative elements in interiors. Many highly aromatic candles release their fragrance even when the wick is not lit. Thus, candles can decorate our homes for a long time. What is the right candle for us? The choice is really big and we often cannot decide which one to choose. Here are some tips on how to choose the right candle.

We choose according to color symbolism

White – this color symbolizes light, pure and innocent everything, a white candle drives away all evil things (evil spirits) from the room, it purifies calming, very suitable for relaxation

Yellow – the color of warmth, joy and optimism, yellow candles promote concentration and are good for learning

Orange – the color of joy, relaxation, candles of this color are suitable for friendly gatherings

Pink – the color of romance, tenderness, lovers, pink candles are ideal for romantic meetings, two people

Red – strong energy, color symbolizing creation and destruction, color of passion and love, we light it to draw strength

blue – the color of security, peace and harmony, blue candles are good for calm relaxation, to release tension, stress

green – the color of growth and hope, abundance, peace, healing and natural energy and green candles help soothe and restore strength and health

světlo svíčky

we choose according to the fragrance

the fresh and clean scent of citrus and ocean scents can be used in the bathroom as well as in study rooms and study rooms. They not only refresh but also stimulate the senses. Delicate floral scents such as lavender, rose, and lilac are suitable for bedrooms and relaxation rooms. For the kitchen, sweet and spicy scents such as vanilla and cinnamon are appropriate. They promote a sense of well-being and harmony in the home. For the living room, choose a fragrance that suits the people and scenes you spend time with or the mood you are in when relaxing alone.