Gifts for Computer Geeks

If you are looking for a suitable gift for a computer game enthusiast or programming enthusiast, choose only the best. The best is not necessarily the most expensive.

A new computer mouse

A gaming mouse needs special features. The most accurate gaming sensors, special buttons, optimizable weight, and high optical resolution. For example, one of the best wired gaming mice at an affordable price is the Logitech G502 Hero mouse, which has 11 fully programmable buttons and features rgb backlighting. Another popular mouse is the Mad Catz R.A.T. X3, but it is more expensive.

počítačová myš


Another good gift is a mousepad. If you want something original, you can have a mousepad made with your own photo or text. However, professional gamers will appreciate a large pad that fits both the mouse and keyboard, has a non-slip back surface, and a top surface with a dense texture to maximize motion capture. There are also pads with favorite computer games printed on them, as well as professional gaming pads with backlighting.

If he is still sitting in a regular office chair for gaming, a gaming chair will be more appreciated. What makes these chairs so special, besides their great design? Gaming chairs are designed for people who spend all day at the computer, and sitting in them can cause pain in the buttocks, back, and neck. This chair comes with lumbar support and a head cushion.

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Gaming Headsets

What is the difference between a regular computer headset and a gaming headset? Gaming headsets usually have clearer and louder sound and are equipped with soft cushions so that the gamer\’s ears do not hurt after a while. For example, the Razer Kraken headset is available at an affordable price.


While a keyboard costing around $200 is sufficient for most humans, gamers and geeks usually need more. Keyboards need to be durable, backlit, and have fast-response switches for when they get into the game. For example, the Razer BlackWidow keyboard is very popular; it\’s a great choice for gamers and geeks who want a keyboard that\’s “easy to use.