Higher education – the foundation of life?

The view of education has changed a lot since our parents\’ time. In our parents\’ time, the basis of education was apprenticeship, and those who got worse than an A or B in school usually went to an apprenticeship. The main thing was technology; those with A\’s and B\’s could choose between grammar school and high school. The best went to grammar school and most of the rest went to secondary school with a high school diploma. Some grammar school and high school students then went on to college. But not as many as today. Today\’s situation is such that even children who fail out of elementary school and have no problems at all are applying to secondary school. And worst of all, they get in.
oprava střechy
And another thing is that they finish school. Why? Because the school pays a salary per student and tries to keep them. The result is a large number of high school students who can\’t even do basic math and who make five or six mistakes in a sentence. Why is that? Because most parents and their children consider handicrafts to be something to be ashamed of. And they are wrong.
The discipline of crafts now has great potential. In fact, the number of craftsmen is very small, there is real demand, and apprenticeships even offer scholarships to motivate students to study. Most students studying crafts have several job prospects immediately after graduation, and finding a well-paying job is certainly not a problem. So why is craft so demonized?
úprava kopyt
Precisely because the baccalaureate had a certain prestige in the past, and that prestige remains with people even today, when the baccalaureate is essentially a formality. Still, there is nothing wrong with completing a two-year master\’s degree if one has studied the craft. Learning a craft is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, if a child chooses to study a craft, it is important to support that decision and not to impose the idea of an entry course. After all, it is the child\’s future that is at stake, not yours.