Things to note when buying a used car from abroad

If you\’ve ever thought about buying a used car, you\’ve probably thought about buying a used car from abroad. There is a widespread misconception that cars are cheaper abroad. The opposite is true. This misunderstanding has long been perpetuated in the Czech Republic by unauthorized importers. Vehicles of the same type, year of manufacture, equipment and mileage can be purchased for almost the same amount as, for example, Germany, France and Italy. The fact that importers can import cars cheaper, of course, there is a reason for that, and that we will now take a closer look.
Bourané vozidlo

Rotary tachometer

Many vehicles have a modified speedometer status before their first registration in the Czech Republic. Of course, this happens for 1 essential reason. That is, a vehicle with less mileage is worth more than a vehicle with 50 million mileage. Therefore, the importer buys such a car abroad at a low price, and in the eyes of excited and ignorant buyers better adjust the speedometer, after which the vehicle is much more expensive.It can be argued that the state of the tachometer is recorded for several years in the protocol from the MOT, but this is exactly what the importer depends on. Rewind the speedometer even before the first visit to the Mot, so after the first technical or registration check, the vehicle was officially recorded in the protocol Tacoma



This is a frequent misfortune of unauthorized importers, when when registering a vehicle imported from abroad, a copy of the original technical certificate is sufficient. Thanks to this, the importer can change the age of the vehicle even 2 years with a technical certificate.This may not be noticed by inexperienced buyers at all. On the car there are places where the month and year of manufacture are indicated: windows, plastic castings, seat belts, etc. Therefore, spend enough time checking. Rejuvenation, of course, will increase the price of the vehicle and increase the demand in the second-hand market.
Stav tachometru

Shipwrecked vehicles

Be very careful of wrecked cars. Not only are you going to pay a lot of money for the destruction ball, but you are risking your life. It is no exception that the service welds from 2 wrecked cars. And you can probably imagine how bad the body strength of such a car is. In this case, there is no talk of safety at all. Therefore, check with the vehicle whether the weld on the body corresponds to the original weld and measure the thickness of the body paint. The detected value best indicates whether the body is painted or not.


Dishonest traders are devising more elaborate tricks than ever to get more money from gullible customers. It should be noted that not all importers are dishonest. I personally met people who value their customers and try to build a good reputation in this business jungle. In conclusion, you should always check the vehicle at the service of the brand before buying, equipped with the latest equipment that can reveal the true technical condition of the dream car.