Computer game addiction?

When I\’m bored, I like to play computer games and have fun for a while. To be honest, I admire those who keep at it for days on end, because after a few minutes my back starts to ache and I don\’t know how to sit still. In any case, it seems that many young people are so addicted to computer games that they can\’t imagine having any free time other than playing. Worst of all, it is affecting children so young that they can barely read or do arithmetic. Well, not to be negative, however, there are many benefits to playing, one of which, I believe, is the improvement of English.

herní sluchátka

Euro Truck Simulator 2. I\’m sure you are all familiar with this game, but if not, I will introduce it now. It\’s a simulator that lets you run your own company and drive your own truck. You choose jobs to deliver to other cities for a certain amount of money, and your level goes up. You can also start your own company, hire employees, make money, and make your company successful. I love this game and used to spend a lot of time on it, but now I am trying to reduce it.
červený joystick

The Sims. It used to be a very popular game, but I don\’t think it\’s talked about or played much anymore. However, I\’m putting it here anyway, because it is a tremendous heartbreaker that people who have never played it would not understand. Basically, you own your own home, have a family, and take care of them. It\’s very realistic and can be enjoyed for a long time, so be careful not to get addicted.

Need for Speed

A racing game with insane heist missions, fantastic car fights, or single action. In short, it\’s a game made for car lovers.