How to get rid of a hangover

The party went well, everyone was having fun, but the morning is cruel. You are sick. Miraculously, the hangover can not be removed in a few minutes, but the symptoms can be relieved. How to do it, read below.

Fatty foods before a party

Start before an event and eat fatty foods as a precaution. Enjoy honest dumplings – pork -Zero.

High quality alcohol

Stick to the motto: Less but prefer premium alcohol. In the event itself, do not knock on the glass one after another with everything you can get. Drink in moderation and choose high-quality alcohol.


The first thing in the morning is to put the effervescent tablets in water and drink them. The extract contains baking soda, which helps with digestive problems.

Tips:You can also try chilled vincentias with a spoonful

Plenty of water

Even if you don\’t have much appetite, replenish moisture Non-carbonated water, mineral water, or chilled tea are suitable. And if you have a strong chicken or beef soup in your hands, do not forget to have it too.

Tip:Skipping today\’s coffee will further dehydrate and irritate your stomach


Fresh Air

A walk may not work, but at least open the window and breathe in fresh air. 

Tips:Breathe deeply


It\’s the worst option if you have to go to work the first thing in the morning. You have to do this and look forward to going to bed in the afternoon. But if you can stay in the duvet, try to get as much time of sleep as possible. Thus, you will accelerate the course of the hangover.

Tips:Darken the bedroom and ventilate it well

Proper food

Try putting high-fat foods in yourself in addition to the already mentioned soups. Bananas, yogurt, butter, eggs and avocados are also good.

Food to skip before the event

  • Spicy foods and spicy foods (there is a risk of heartburn when combined with alcohol)
  • Salty foods (this exacerbates dehydration)
  • Sweet drinks

You know,the hangover has its day. The hangover day in the calendar is 6.8.

Follow our advice, and next time you may not have such a hangover. But enjoy the party.