The difficulties of single mothers

There are many reasons why women raise children/children alone. It can be a widow who lost her partner in an unfortunate situation. Often this is an unplanned pregnancy, if a woman refuses to have an abortion, or if the disagreement of the partner leads to parting. But there are also cases when a woman delayed her pregnancy because she did not gain weight for the first few months and did not even menstruation, or because she was raped and refused to have an abortion despite the method of conception. Some women try to tie a partner with pregnancy, but this has the opposite effect, or they are afraid that they will not find the right one, so they get pregnant with a random man in order to have offspring. Whether a woman voluntarily or voluntarily becomes a single parent, it\’s not an easy thing to do. What worries single women the most?

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Lack of money

If the father is unknown and the woman is on parental leave, there is a small amount to raise the child and some allowances that do not reliably cover everything. The money is still not enough, because sometimes the father is known, but does not pay or almost does not pay. Sometimes a family can help if a woman has one, sometimes she is alone. But working part-time when there is no babysitter is not an easy task, and not everyone can get a solid job from home. 

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Finding a Job

Finding a job as a single parent is also not easy. You need a sufficient salary, a long vacation for a holiday, but also working hours, in which you can take the child to the kindergarten. If the kindergarten is open from 6.30 to 16.30, you can not go where you go from 6, or where you have to work until 5 pm. Some employers are willing to shift working hours or offer part-time jobs, but these are usually well-paid jobs. While it is possible to find a job with more free time and the opportunity to work from home, a college degree, a communication and persuasive personality, or a pair of both

finding relationships

Some single women do not want their partners to share their lives. But if you do not have time to go out for a child, it will not be easy to find such a person. Another reason is the fact that the mother is a protective creature, so they do not let anyone near their child.