Education or torture?

In our country, elementary school attendance is mandatory from age 9. Unfortunately, there are children in school for whom education is the harshest kind of torture, especially children with learning disabilities or severe hyperactivity. Unfortunately, we have to study with them every day and repeat everything we do, with poor results. Today\’s education system often provides such children with assistants, such as personal assistants or teaching assistants, in elementary schools. This is a kind of simplification and facilitation of education, not only for teachers, but also for children and parents themselves. This is because these children do not routinely acknowledge that they have assignments to do, papers to prepare, and things to finish when they refuse to cooperate in class. For these children, parental cooperation with the school and teachers is critical, as is the individualized educational plan developed by the educational psychologist.

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In such cases, parents and teachers must explain and constantly motivate the child to become interested in the curriculum so that the child is convinced and understands it. In addition, these children often know something one day and are in a bad mood the next day, so they decide not to cooperate and show the same performance as when the child first saw the material for the first time in his or her life. The problem, however, is with larger written material, such as quarterlies.
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One might wonder why such children are not forced into regular elementary schools and into alternative schools, Montessori, etc., but that is not always and everywhere possible. Then there is the option of parents staying home with their children and educating them at home. However, this is not possible in all families, and parents must go to work. It is sometimes really difficult to explain to children that they must be able to read, write, and count, and that knowledge from the first grade is not sufficient. Unfortunately, in the case of divorced parents, one parent may convince the child that going to elementary school is useless.