Software that every computer should have

After commissioning a new computer and installing an operating system, there is usually the tedious task of installing programs that are essential to your work. There are several tools that can help with this task, but it is still unavoidable. Most people will continue to install all the programs as they use the machine, but first you need to install just the basic ones. What equipment?
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Antivirus is one of the first pieces of software to add to your machine. Antivirus protects you from the possibility of virus attacks, i.e., the loss of all files stored on the disk or the misuse of your personal data. Examples of antiviruses include AVG and Avast. However, freeware versions cannot protect you from everything. Paying an additional fee will increase your chances of being protected. Don\’t forget firewalls. Firewalls protect the purity of network traffic sent and received.

If you cannot find drivers for all external devices and cards, add them manually. Drivers can usually be found on the manufacturer\’s official website. This may be a driver for a graphics card or sound card.

Other Browsers
You may have Internet Explorer (now Edge) as your default web browser in Windows. These two browsers are not very popular with Windows users, so you may want to download and add other, better browsers to your system; Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are popular, and the latter is a good choice for Windows users.
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Office Suite
It is true that there is a program called “Wordpad” that replaces Microsoft Office Word. However, no other tools for dealing with presentations or spreadsheets can be found, so the system must be supplemented with a complete office suite. If you choose Microsoft Office, you will have to pay for its use; LibreOffice is an alternative, completely free and compatible with most formats.

And don\’t forget PDF files, which can be viewed withAdobe Reader.

To protect your documents, photos, music, and videos from potential loss, it is generally recommended that you sync everything to the “cloud“, i.e., external Internet storage accessible from anywhere and from any device. We recommend that you use Google Drive or Microsoft\’s Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive are recommended.

Today, we cannot do without email. If you don\’t want to access your inbox from a web browser, add an email client: you can use Outlook, available in MS Office, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

But email doesn\’t stop there. For communicating with friends, there is the popular Skype, which allows you to call friends and family while using your webcam.

Multimedia players
For example, the VLC media player allows you to play videos and music in a variety of formats. The possibilities are many.