Seychelles is an oasis of calm

Seychelles is just an abbreviation for the official name “Republic of Seychelles”. An interesting fact is that it is a state located in the eponymous archipelago in the east of Africa, next to Madagascar. Seychelles is an independent republic within the United Kingdom. The majority of the population is mixed race (about 87%), descendants of settlers from France and slaves from Africa. The official language is Seychelles Creole. Some older people are still illiterate. 1. Seychelles is one of the richest countries, and its most important sources of funding are tourism and tourism.
seychely a indický oceán
More than 15 million tourists from abroad come here every year, it is a lot when we take into account that the population of the Republic of Seychelles is 92,000, but even this amount of tourists guarantees enough peace of mind on your vacation that you do not have to be afraid of crowded beaches, as is the case in all southern states of Europe. Other sources of income are fisheries, especially tuna. An interesting fact is that here is one of the largest tuna canneries in the world.1 But the country is not completely self-sufficient in the food industry and needs to import large quantities of food.
But what attracts tourists here is the magnificent white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, still beautiful weather and delicious local cuisine. The individual islands really offer a lot of attractions.

seychely ostrovFor example, Aldabra is home to the largest number of giant turtles, or Praslin Island has all the beach and sea sports you can imagine. Of course, almost every island has a wonderful hotel complex that offers all the comfort and luxury. If you decide that you want to spend your next vacation in the Seychelles, you need to dig a little deeper in your pocket, unfortunately, all the luxury offered here, even the locals, you can pay properly. But if you decide to go to this beautiful place, you will definitely not regret your financial expenses.