A good helper and a time thief

Want to find bus or train connections faster? Waiting for an important email or message at work? Want to know what movie is playing at your favorite movie theater or what hours a particular store is open? Nothing is easier than sitting in front of your computer or cell phone and looking up all this information on the Internet easily and without having to wait for a long time. These days, almost any information can be found on the web.

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Ubiquitous connectivity

With today\’s special contracts from cell phone companies, almost every cell phone has data, and even if it doesn\’t, there are many other ways to access the Internet for free. Almost every major department store, gas station, restaurant, train, bus …… Here and in many other public places, you can connect to wifi for free, find the information you are looking for, reply to friends\’ messages and emails, and see what is happening in the world and on social media.

The Internet and Our Time

But have you ever considered how much time we spend surfing the web and social media every day? Unfortunately, it is not just a few minutes a day, but hours and even dozens of hours. This time could be used more productively. Let\’s be honest, checking what happened on social media in the morning has already become a bit of a habit or ritual. At work or school, we surf the web instead of using our lunch break. Some people even take their cell phones into the bathroom or into the bathroom. The Internet is an integral part of our lives.
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Unfortunately, or unfortunately, we live in such an age today that we are connected to the Internet most of the time and need constant access to information. While the Internet helps us, it also limits us greatly. While the Internet has its pluses, it also has its minuses.