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Mobile homes and mobile housing

First, a distinction must be made as to what type of structure is being used. This is because some manufacturers consider a mobile home to be a structure that is custom-made, requires a foundation slab and scaffolding, and prefabricated products are transported by crane to the desired location and secured by a company. However, this “mobile home” requires the same conventional building notification procedures and associated documentation as building a brick house.
historie mobilních domů

Here, however, we will discuss mobile homes on wheels, or so-called mobile homes. These can be mounted on the back of a truck and transported anywhere.
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Is it possible to live in a mobile home all year round in the Czech Republic?

To understand this issue, we need to dig a little deeper. Mobile homes began to emerge a few decades ago and are essentially found in areas with warm climates all year round. People from all walks of life, whether low-income or pensioners, purchased these homes to make a lifestyle change and to stay in a place that suited them. The largest percentage of mobile homes are found in the U.S. states of New Mexico, West Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi. It is possible to live comfortably without insulation all year round, and the U.S. has special sites and utility facilities for this purpose. No occupancy permit or other legal action is required to operate a mobile home, and one can live essentially worry-free.
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However, the Czech Republic is not the United States!

But here you have to face many difficulties. There are no special places with utilities or campsites for mobile homes in the Czech Republic. Anyone who wants to live in a mobile home on our territory has to deal with the situationin cooperation with the building authorities. Mobile homes must comply with the zoning of the area, and it is not at all easy to obtain zoning approvals or zoning variances.