Where has the joy and respect for each other gone…

A healthy lifestyle is all about positive thinking. You have to be in great shape, or have great makeup, or be in chic clothes from the most fashionable salon. It doesn\’t matter if a beautiful woman\’s make-up is off and her face is showing through her outfit; it doesn\’t matter if she is beautiful. No matter how beautiful a woman or how attractive a man is, if he is not optimistic, if he only pursues the achievements of his time, if he cannot enjoy life because he always lacks something, he is not interesting to those around him. Because he lacks heart. It is not enough to “just” have everything in line with the latest fashions, to put on the right jewelry for the outfit, to think for days about what to wear, to always be “in tune” and live in the fashion world.

srdce na dlani

If someone is set up that way, if they are content with themselves and allow themselves the occasional fashion “escape,” then so be it. We should all live and act in ways that suit us first, and there is no point in constantly submitting to others. What is disappearing from people\’s private lives is respect, and what is replacing it is greed and haste for things and materials. And in many cases, they are unnecessary or even superfluous.

mějme respekt vůči ostatním lidem

Respect your mother, your partner, and the people you see every day, like saleswomen. They are people who have the same problems as you, have recently been under tremendous pressure from angry customers, and feel restricted by government regulations. And who are they taking their anger out on? You can\’t talk your way out of it at home, so you mouth off to the clerk behind the counter, and often unjustly. Why? If you have a problem, deal with it yourself, don\’t take your anger out on people who can\’t protect themselves and need you to do it for them. And there are many such people every day. Smile at the tram driver or your new co-worker at work and the world will be a much nicer place.