Lipstick or a must-have

A cosmetic product unmatched not only in terms of durability. Lip color is announced to last 16 hours, but in reality, the product literally stays on the lips for much longer. If you\’ve been looking for a long-lasting lipstick or gloss and are still searching in vain, try Lip Color! It\’s the perfect combination of lipstick and gloss, but unbeatable in terms of staying power. It stays on your lips even after a meal!
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2 different lip colors

  1. 2-step lip color – Long lasting lip color applied in 2 steps. This cosmetic is sold in plastic packaging. Here it is necessary to emphasize the quality of the product and the fact that the given lip color is exactly what is indicated on the packaging. The product consists of two parts. First, the color must be applied to the lips and allowed to dry for one minute. Next, the lips are coated with a colorless nourishing phase that gives the lips a glossy, sexy and seductive look. With a high-quality applicator, application is very easy and quick. A wide variety of shades are available on the market. The product is affordable. Lip color is also available from well-known Czech companies.

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  1. One Step Lip Color – or all in two minutes, your lips will be perfect like never before. With just one application, your lips will be perfectly glowing with that color all day long. One-Step Lip Color is designed to be applied as precisely as possible for a flawless finish. It also comes in a variety of color shades to choose from. Its lasting power is so precise that eating, drinking, or kissing will not diminish the effect of the beauty product or have any other negative effects. Conclusion. Lip color really does suit any woman.

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Cosmetic ingredients

This lip color not only makes your lips attractive, but also provides perfect nutrition and hydration. The product contains vitamin E and aloe vera. Therefore, it not only provides dry lips, but also gives them the nourishment and hydration they need. In addition, this lip color also contains beeswax and natural oils. This product also features a pleasant, light fragrance and an excellent, non-sticky consistency. Lips are perfectly protected.