How to Reliably Combat the Common Cold

Healthy eating
When you are sick, your body is deprived of a great deal of energy that needs to be replenished. Do not go on extreme diets during this time. Of course, a balanced diet is essential, but supplement with lots of fruits, as vitamins are needed to strengthen the immune system. The main one is vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, kiwis, sea buckthorn, and fresh rosehips.
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Get enough sleep
If you want your illness to heal quickly, you have to wait. The body often tells itself how much sleep is ideal. Listen to it and sleep.

For a cold, a standard tea with honey or a variety of herbal teas are good. For example, elderflower, linden, and chamomile are effective. Motherwort and plantain are good for coughs. Homegrown or collected herbs are ideal, but various commercial mixes can also be purchased. The best cold remedy, however, is ginger! A strong ginger tea will cure it in no time, but it is also good for prevention.
Fresh air
It is not good to stay in a cozy room all day. Without ventilation, you will inhale significant amounts of viruses and bacteria throughout the day. Against all intuition, a short walk can be effective, but remember to dress warmly.
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Parenteral medications and Ivaldine only when needed
These medications only suppress symptoms, not cure them. When taken, they place a heavy burden on the liver. Furthermore, fever is the body\’s natural response to defend itself. When the body temperature rises, harmful viruses and bacteria in the body are killed. Most experts agree that it is not a good idea to lower the body temperature if it is below 38°C (100°F). However, if the body temperature begins to approach this limit, watch it carefully; if it exceeds 38°C, do not hesitate to take an antipyretic.
Do not let the illness pass you by
Even if the symptoms subside, you should seek treatment for another day and then take it easy for a few days. If you don\’t follow this, the disease may recur with a much worse course than before. It is not worth it.