Czech Spirituality – Esotericism?

SISYFOSis part of a worldwide movement of scientists and philosophers, including Nobel laureates, fighting the rise of delusion and irrationality in society.

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SISYFOS states thatesotericism is a field concerned with the unreal, immaterial, and unknowable world through the technical means and methods of science. The principles of spiritual awareness in esotericism are incompatible with the critical rational approach of science. The existence of the astral world and its inhabitants, auras, chakras, astral, karma, etc., are unverifiable; they are merely interesting mental structures of a phantasmagoric nature. Esotericism is widely used by healers and charlatans of all kinds, and is indulged in by those whose emotions take precedence over reason.
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According to statistics from the SISYOFS organization, there are nearly 50,000 healers in the Czech Republic. Have you met any of them? Was he a cool guy with a long beard and a pendulum? Or was it a sharp-eyed, shaggy-haired woman in a long purple sweater adorned with coral and amulets? They might look a little like hippies: scented sticks, ornaments, India, batik. Most of Czech society looks at them with a tolerant eye. Many of us like to go to teahouses, listen to meditative music, and lose ourselves in a world of wonder far beyond the material hardships of everyday life. Around us, “Let it be, it\’s meant to be, it\’s the universe mate.” or “This relationship is a test of karma, and when we have given all we have to each other, we will go our separate ways.
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But why is it that there is such a preponderance of sympathizers compared to other European countries?

Some contemporary theologians believe that it is due to the gradual emptying of the spiritual realm due to the massive uprooting of Christianity during the communist era of the 20th century, and by extension since the “Battle of the White Mountain” (1620). since 1989, this almost empty space is gradually being filled by various newly arrived religious, shamanic, and esoteric systems from around the world.This in a sense confirms the theory of the famous Swiss psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung that the degree of spiritual need of a given society does not change with the times, only its external manifestations. Jung adds, however, that we all have this inner need, which may consist of a mere belief in life, while others simply do not manifest it externally.