How to get a better gaming experience?

If you are a hardcore gamer and play games almost every day, you must have heard of FPS, VerticalSync, and many other similar terms. The two terms above are very much related to each other. If you have decided to buy a gaming PC, it will undoubtedly have a good graphics card with good frequency, fast disks, and a very good processor. But for a good gaming experience, this may not be enough.
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Small gadgets such as a keyboard, mouse, sound system, and a comfortable chair that you can sit in for several hours a day are also important. One of the main criteria for a good gaming experience is of course the computer and monitor used. When purchasing a gaming set, few people will focus on the monitor. Price, size, resolution ……. However, response and so-called hertzee are also important criteria.
Even with a high FPS, the image may flow or the screen may blur. This phenomenon is precisely caused by a bad monitor that does not fully understand the graphics card and the image it gives. What is FPS anyway? It is the number of frames per second displayed before your eyes. The threshold for smooth operation is 60 frames per second. However, televisions operate at around 30 without any problems.
So why do we see strange, jerky images even when the FPS is higher than 60? The monitor is recording images at a phenomenal speed, from the top left to the bottom right. This can be done 60 times per second. However, if you are playing a game with an FPS greater than 60, this frequency may not be sufficient. The monitor starts skipping frames because it can\’t keep up with the frame loading. While some may not notice this phenomenon, experienced gamers may notice it after extended periods of gameplay. So how can we prevent this phenomenon? Most games have a setting called “VerticalSync. This setting lowers the FPS to 60 (depending on the monitor\’s Herz) and adjusts for lower FPS.
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This should result in a better gaming experience. This setting is important for games that require quick reactions. Of course, monitor issues are not as fundamental as low FPS on a computer. But it is easy to talk for hours about proper game settings.