Finances in the modern household

debt… This word bothers many people, but there are those who act as if they do not care. All over the world, and unfortunately true in our country as well, there is a great disparity between the rich and the poor in social groups. Upper class – middle class – poor.
bankrot na značce

– The upper class, including the wealthy, can be heavily indebted, especially if they own businesses that could not do without bank loans. However, they are able to secure private wealth through their businesses, thus securing a “sea of gold” for themselves and their descendants for many years.
-The middle class, of course, includes those who, thanks to their efforts, have secured a very decent income for many years. Even among them there are those who have quite large financial debts. The majority, however, have managed to pay it off.
– The poor – This social group, whether individuals or families, are mostly living paycheck to paycheck. Once in debt, they are usually stuck in debt for years. Why is this so?
[The economic and financial inequality between the rich and the poor is unusually large. perhaps always. What is affecting all this?

Is this a policy deliberately directed at the significant social fragmentation of our population? Sadly, our state encourages debt. At least, it appears to be. Are we following the lead of Western capitalism?
More money from state coffers should have long ago been directed to the education of financial literacywhich should have been taught in schools, even to young children.
Financial literacy education should begin at home. Focusing on current household finances, there may be the beginningsof debt. Parents should discuss their financial management and money both among themselves and with their school-aged children for example, how to save for vacations.
muž s pomocí debetní karty
Parents (and schools) should teach
children about the costs of work and the value of money for work. Children should know, for example, how much a snack costs and why they cannot, for example, buy 10 kg of ham to go with a bread roll. In addition, money to buy an expensive cell phone should be saved little by little with the help of the children. In addition to saving money, they should learn to manage their finances and belongings wisely.
If a young person has to borrow a large sum of money, he or she should realize that it is a commitment. The money to be used to repay the loan should be calculated in advance. And most importantly, this commitment must be repaid on time. That way, one will not fall into the debt trap in life.