Each of us is an original, or friendship in our time

The essence of modernity is that one must always belong somewhere, please someone, fulfill someone\’s idea. But life is not like that at all. The important thing is to understand that we only live once, and as long as we are in a time of abundance, we must take advantage of every offer. After all, life is to be lived according to one\’s own ideas, dreams, and plans, and one must act accordingly. Of course, that doesn\’t satisfy everyone, but that\’s the way it is. Some people will want to understand you, others will not.
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Most friendships are forged in kindergarten or elementary school, and everyone at that age thinks friendships last forever. We usually have our best friends in first grade, and we always confide in them about everything. But as time goes by, we grow up and begin to reevaluate our views, dreams, goals, and priorities. And so we stop talking to the people we used to love and start forming new friendships.

Thus, new friendships are most often forged in high school and college, and if we are truly lucky, our relationships that last forever begin here. But it doesn\’t have to be friendship alone; it can be love or finding support in difficult life situations. Plain and simple, school always brings new people into our lives.
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However, a major advantage for maintaining friendships in today\’s society is social networks. Especially since our school days, when Facebook, Instagram, etc. had not yet formed an automatic part of our lives.

Some tips for maintaining long-distance friendships

1. ContactContact

Many of us are used to others moving on their own, That\’s a mistake. If you want to talk to someone, it\’s up to you to find that person and start e-mailing them.

2.Be interested

Once you are in contact with the person you have chosen, when you write to them, always ask how they are doing, how their life is going, and what is bothering them. I always ask them how they are doing, how their life is going, and if they have any problems.

3.Make an appointment to meet

Sure everyone is busy these days, but to deepen and strengthen a friendship it is a good idea to meet for coffee or shopping.