Vegetarianism as a life philosophy as well as a dietary style

What is veganism? Veganism is a way of life that seeks to eliminate all forms of exploitation and cruel treatment of animals to the extent possible and practicable. According to vegans, this is done unnecessarily, since it is possible to live, eat, dress, and do other things without causing suffering to innocent creatures.
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The concept of veganism originated in 1944 when it was defined by the British Vegan Society. According to many uninformed people, a vegan diet consists only of vegetables and sprouts, which is not the case at all. Vegan diets are very varied and in many cases healthier and more balanced than the diets of those who consume dairy, eggs, and meat normally. Vegans can, of course, eat fast food like vegan burgers, hot dogs, etc., just like everyone else.
This lifestyle is based on a purely plant-based diet; vegans do not consume meat or meat products (including gelatin), fish, dairy products, eggs, or honey. They also do not purchase any animal products such as leather, fur, cosmetics made from animal ingredients, or cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Untested cosmetics should be identified as “leaping bunny. The “vegan” label only guarantees that the product does not contain animal ingredients, not that it has not been tested on animals. Vegans also pay attention to the “e” in foods. Not all wines are vegan either, as most are clarified with casein (milk protein) or egg whites.
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Why vegan?

Motivations for becoming vegan vary, people choose this lifestyle because they do not want to continue to support the abuse and suffering of animals, because a vegan diet is more environmentally friendly for the planet, or for health reasons. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that a vegan diet is beneficial to health and much better for the body than animal diets.

Not enough vitamins and protein?

If a vegan diet is properly composed, it is rich in vitamins and protein. Vegetarians get healthy fats from nuts, carbohydrates from grains, and protein from legumes, which are much more abundant than meat and dairy products. The problem is vitamin B12, which is not included in the vegan diet, so vegans must supplement with pills or other formulations. But in my opinion, this is a small thing compared to the pleasure of a healthy diet and not being complicit in the inhumane treatment of animals.