Why don’t you mow the grass often?

In recent years, mowing a few millimeters of grass has become a bit of a national sport. When the grass grows more than a few centimeters, we frantically pull out the lawnmower and cut the grass to the bare minimum. Lawns in the UK are popular not only in urban areas but also in villages. However, it has been proven that regular lawn mowing is not very good for the lawn or the land. Lawns protect the soil from drying out, a problem that has become increasingly problematic in recent years because of really dry conditions and sporadic summer rains. Dry ground cannot absorb enough water, so when it rains, all the water goes down the drain and disappears again. So how can we take care of our gardens and lawns?

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Don\’t mow the lawn too often

If you mow regularly and only get a few centimeters, let it grow. Let it grow to at least 15-20 cm before mowing. That way you can prevent the soil from drying out too much and you can dry out the grass for hay. If you don\’t have livestock, donate the hay to someone in the area who does. They will surely appreciate it.

Conserve Water

Water shortages are a problem everywhere today. Watering a garden in the summer with only a lawn, which is not productive, is a waste of water and is definitely not recommended. However, watering whenever there is an opportunity to receive rainwater will encourage the water to soak into the soil and prevent the soil from drying out completely.
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All colorful plants should be treated as weeds and not eradicated. Dandelions and various other meadow flowers are a joy to grow in the garden and may be used in herb teas or dandelion honey.


Along with tall grasses, of course, insects will appear in your garden, but don\’t think of it as a bad thing. Insects are often symbiotic, so don\’t worry too much about them. You will be rewarded for creating a beautiful garden and doing something for the earth.