The Ideal Vacation for Entrepreneurs

In the early 1990s, many people jumped into the vortex of entrepreneurial passion. In short, people were eager to finally be free to make decisions about their lives. Over time, they built careers, the successful ones developed their businesses and expanded their offerings, assets grew, and material security became a priority.

kořeny stromu

However, many soon realized that the hasty lifestyle was not bringing the true fruits they had been waiting for before “velvet.” What was missing was the other end of the spectrum of original values: peace and tranquility. Then, a few years ago, a new trend emerged that focused on relaxation stays.

Complete seclusion in solitude

While there are many ways to spend a week or two on vacation, the more civilized the influences, the greater the connection to the current stress-filled world. There are many interesting places in the country, but only the seasoned know about them, and they can be difficult to find. Therefore, it is worth driving to such places and following your intuition to discover them for yourself. For example, Novohradské hory, Jindřichohradecko, the upper reaches of the Lužnice river, Rakovník, Berounka below Plzeň, around the Střela river, or between Třísov and Křemží near Cesky Krumlov.
řeka Sázava

Staying in the dark

A week in total darkness is a great way to finally see your inner self. Although comfortably furnished, one is isolated (preferably in pairs) from the external influences of civilization, sound stimulation and light. The results of such a stay are truly interesting. 20]

Clear your head

Business is often characterized by the dynamism and activity involved in keeping track of income and expenses and tax laws. These individuals are almost always hyperactive, sleep poorly, and often have difficulty recovering. One of the ideal relaxations for them is to stay active and focus on their natural activities. Spend an active vacation in nature without spending money or taxes. By being as physically active as possible, for example, mountaineering training, biking, hiking, and boating trips can be accomplished