What can I post on Facebook?

Photos, images, text. The owners of social networking sites, especially the administrators, ensure that only content that is objectionable in any way reaches the public. And Facebook not only has many employees for this purpose, but also manuals. But all is not as simple as it seems. Which topics are still acceptable and which are completely taboo?

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Secret internal rules

A few years ago, several points in the internal handbook were leaked to the public. Some of the details were published in an articlein The Guardian. The issue of sexual content proved to be very complex and almost contradictory when documented. The company defended itself by saying that it valued user safety above all else. And it is not only the sexual content that is a bit odd.

Safety First?

Facebook has publicly stated that it tries to provide its users with as much safety as possible, but at the same time does not want to restrict their freedom of public expression. For this reason, much thought had to be given to the formulation of rules. The company has special software to filter inappropriate content, but it is not perfect.

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The biggest taboos

in areas such as self-harm, child abuse, and animal cruelty may seem a bit confusing because the rules are not well defined. On the other hand, topics such asterrorism,pornography,violent,hateful,racist content quickly disappear. Once published, it is either not seen or disappears within hours.

The people responsible for this selection can decide to do or not to do it, even in just 10 seconds In 2017, there were about 4,500 people. Today there are more than 7,500. No wonder this social network has more than 2 billion users, posting multiple times a day.

Therefore, it is always necessary to consider whether what you post falls into the gray or black zone of all social network topics. This choice is not only made on Facebook, but also on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, it is no surprise that some people post very strange, violent, and inappropriate things.