Nokia: the resurrection of a legend

If you remember prehistoric times when the word “phone” meant a classical device with a handset, a cord, and a box with a dial (or, in even older times, a circular one on a periscope), you may remember what kind of cell phone you bought at the beginning of this millennium.

Would it have been a Nokia? It was probably Nokia. Today there are five really big brands that are the best sellers in our country, but back then it was mostly Nokia.
nokia n91

Who is the largest cell phone manufacturer today?

Samsung Galaxy
2. Sony
Apple iPhone


nokia lumia
6.Blackberry [43 44]

[48] HTC [49] [50] [51
Nokia does not appear in this ranking today. 52]In fact, Nokia was at the top of the ranking of most sold and manufactured cell phones from 2000 to 2012, but newcomer Samsung took Nokia\’s place.

Nokia is in big trouble
Its market power has plummeted since 2012; in 2013 it attempted to produce a total of seven smartphones, but still failed to succeed. However, this Finnish company is up to the challenge. In an attempt to attract more customers, they are relaunching their venture in China.

– [63] They tried to impress with new products
Like other companies involved in the production and manufacture of the latest smartphone phones, Nokia has also tried to impress with novelty, technology, and the latest cell phone applications and skills. Having a new gadget, something different, something newer and better.
nokia lumia
Only the top percent of customers buy toys that cost exorbitant thousands or tens of thousands of crowns. 70]The majority of customers settle for far less extravagant models that have basic uses and standard equipment and are primarily cost-effective.This is exactly what Nokia in Finland is currently trying to do.

Nokia 6 [75]
Gone are the days of unbreakable bricks. The Nokia 6 is light, 5.5 inches, full HAD resolution, and the Snapdragon 430 processor is not a dramatic innovation or unbeatable performance. But as a regular phone for regular users, it is just fine.