Tips for a Cheap Vacation

Use low-cost airlines

First, save on transportation costs. With low-cost airlines, you can get tickets to Italy, Spain, and Greece for literally pennies on the dollar. It saves time and money and makes the trip more comfortable than being on a bus all day.

Use airline ticket price comparison tools

Just as price comparison tools compare products from different retailers, the same goes for airline tickets. By doing so, you can truly find the best deal.

Don\’t exceed the weight limit

You bought a cheap ticket. Bravo! Now, you need to check the weight limits for your luggage. The price of airline tickets is usually only for carry-on baggage, and if you exceed that baggage weight limit, you will be charged a significant additional fee.


Only basic snacks on board

In-flight drinks and food are unnecessarily expensive, so settle for the basics and don\’t buy more than that (like a glass of sparkling wine).

Don\’t rush to buy travel insurance with the first company you find. Inquire with several companies and you will find that prices vary widely. Also, check to see if your credit card comes with travel insurance.


Beware of last-minute tours

If your time is flexible, wait for last-minute deals. Tours are often discounted up to half price. Of course, the closer to the departure date, the cheaper it will be.

Or conversely, first minute

This discount is offered by almost all travel agencies. If you purchase your tour with plenty of time to spare, the price will be much lower.

Traveling Independently

If you travel with a travel agency, you will be paying a considerable amount of money to support the agency itself, including staff, office rent, operating costs, and advertising expenses. However, if you have at least basic English language skills, you can arrange your own vacation, from airline tickets to accommodations to meals.