Convert your files to another format with Format Factory!

We all have images, music, or videos that we need to convert to another format in order to open or run a file. There are countless format conversion programs on the Internet, but to take advantage of the more advanced features, you usually have to pay a little extra. There are also alternative online tools that can help you convert videos from MP4 to AVI format, for example, but no one wants to upload more than a few gigabytes of video to the Internet, wait a while, and then wait hours to download it.studio.png

The software “Format Factory” is a multifunctional file conversion tool. It is free to download, does not require any additional fees, and you will love it thanks to its simple and friendly user interface!

Format Factory can convert the most common, popular, and widely used formats, including video, music, images, and even documents. It also has the ability to “rip” movie DVDs and music CDs.

What does “ripping” mean? 14]

With this software, you can transfer movies on DVD or music on CD to your computer\’s hard drive and enjoy the movies or music directly from there.

In addition, it has tools to repair corrupted video and audio files. Not only can the video or music be run on the failed player by converting the format to another, but the converted file size can also be reduced by choosing between high, mediocre, or low quality.
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As for the appearance and features of this application, when the conversion is finished, the program warns you with a nice melody and gives you the choice to continue or to shut down the program or the whole computer. In addition, you can change the program\’s theme to make working with files more pleasant: standard white background, black, or pink.
You can also understand the factory in different languages! The program has been translated into more than 60 languages, including English.

Well, what are you waiting for? Download this handy tool and convert your files now!