The Puzzle of the Female Language


A common female language conundrum is the sentence,“I don\’t care!” In this case, whatever it is, the woman certainly doesn\’t care. 10] but the opposite is trueThere could be many reasons. She may be angry that you didn\’t understand her immediately about something, or she may be ashamed of her request. So try to resolve that issue first. Tell her that you know she is not telling you the truthand askwhy she is not giving you a straight answer. Whether you know why or not, try to treat her as if
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she is giving you an honest answer!

Every man has encountered the following situations in his life. A woman is obviously irritated andonlyresponds to you in a curt manner. You are unaware of what you have done, so you choose the logical question:What\’s wrong, darling? But this question is followed by a cold“Nothing!”followed by the words. What now? Rule number one is, if my wife answers, “Nothing happened,” there is a 99% probability that “something” happened. But how do we know what happened? First,let\’s think carefully about whetherwe really did something.Let\’s pay attention to the details . If you have the slightest idea that it might have been the socks you left on the laundry basket and didn\’t put in, ask your wife if that is the cause of her anger. At the very least, the woman will appreciate your efforts. If that doesn\’t help,several more times,and over a longer period of time, ask what happened. It is not a good idea to casually ask during a soccer game,as this will only make it more difficult for the woman to understand what is going on. If after a long time she does not tell you what happened,let her know that she can come to youwhenever she is not feeling well and that you are willingto deal with the situation!The phrase “Do what you want!”has many variations,
including“Go where you want!”
and so on. In this case, the woman is letting you knowthat she is concerned about your intentions,but does not want to be a “brawler” and take away your freedom. So, again, ask her why she is not being upfrontabout everything, why it bothers her ,for example, that you go out for a beerwith a friend instead of spending the night at home. If that doesn\’t work, try doing the opposite of what she says and having fun. Doing so will make your wife realize how much you understand her, and next time she will smile and allow you to go out with your friends.
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Understanding women is really hard. So let\’s at least try to understand ourselves. Be patient, but at the same time don\’t be absolutely controlling of yourself.