is mostly a way for children who cannot attend school for health reasons to receive an education. In our country, this form of education is already considered equivalent to general schooling. Children attend school twice a year, i.e., at the end of the semester and the end of the school year, and take exams in all subjects. The parent or professional teaching the child must have at least a high school diploma, permission from the principal of the elementary school in which the child is enrolled, and a visit to an educational psychological counseling center.
pracovní stůl v pokoji
Differences between schooling and home education
The same framework curriculum applies to both teaching methods and children are taught accordingly. Parents also have to prepare a curriculum for their children and follow it unconditionally, even if it is individualized instruction. Therefore, I really respect parents who educate their children while also doing their work and chores as needed. In classical education, textbooks, supplementary materials, workbooks, and worksheets are used, just as in elementary school. Project-based learning is very popular and similar to school, but used more extensively in home schooling. Children write and present reports just as they do in school.
učení a školení
Home portfolios
Just as in school, parents keep a class book or journal for their children to record what they have learned. Homeschooled children also keep a portfolio of artwork, photographs, letters, worksheets, and records, which the parents keep and submit to the examiner during the final exam. This portfolio has a representative role. They then submit everything to the principal at the final exam. In researching the material, I was very impressed by the excellent results achieved by home-schooled children.
radost doma u počítače
Children who are home educated
often perform as well as or better than students who attend school daily. They also do not have tests, do not have as much homework, and have different grades, so they may be less stressed by school and the school environment. Learning at home is also based on free choice, but as schools have been modernized, school children are also able to correct themselves more independently than before.