House and apartment

Space according to your wishes

When furnishing or painting a room, it is important to take into account that individual elements visually affect the size of the room. For example, it depends on which color plaster you choose and what type of furniture you use.
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Optical room enlargement.
If you want to make a room appear larger, you can buy a mirror . The larger the mirror, the larger the room will seem. In addition, mirrors increase the attractiveness of a room. In a bedroom, for example, a full wall of mirrors looks beautiful. You can also learn about other types of mirrors.
Another option iswindows. So, if you are still building your house, try to put more windows in the small rooms you want to enlarge. At the very least, make the windows larger, as in the case of mirrors. Again, you can envision a nice exterior, plus the view will be better, and the rooms will be brighter.
Finally, one should be careful about what colorsone chooses for the room. Light tones give freshness and spaciousness, so any light-colored room can appear larger. You can choose yellow, white, beige, or bright shades of red, green, blue, etc.
Furniturealso plays a role. When shopping, choose tall, narrow cabinets. That way, they can serve their function perfectly without taking up too much room. You may need to use a stool from time to time to reach the highest shelves.
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Optical room reduction
Someone may need to visually shrink the room for some reason. That is also possible. The way to accomplish this is the opposite of making a room larger. In other words, if you have a large room, eliminate mirrors and make sure to create lots of windows. The room will appear smaller and less spacious because there will be less light.
Choose wall colors in dark shadesgreen, blue, and brown. You can even dare to use bold black.
[35] Lighting [36] also plays a role in these cases. Lamps and lighting with dim bulbs still give a dark impression and make the room look smaller.