Good Bread

In our country, small independent bakeriesare not flourishing. We see such bakeries here and there, but they can maintain a steady customer base but barely manage to stay afloat or thrive without offering other products and services. In the Czech Republic, pricestill plays a major roleand few people look for quality. However, buying good bread is no longer such a problem. It takes tasting, searching, and sometimes persistence to make sure it doesn\’t sell out, but it can be done. One can also bake good bread in one\’s oven or home bakery. You can use a mix you buy or use your own imagination.

farmářský chléb.jpg
Bread is one of the basic foods that every household cannot do without. One often comes across the tendency, especially among women, that bread is not healthy and that if you eat bread, it should be whole grain bread only, but if you do not suffer from allergies, you can eat any kind of bread in moderation.15] Different kinds of breadare suitable for different dishes, some can be baked and eaten a week later. Some can be eaten, while others can only be toasted the next day. It depends on the manufacturer and ingredients.
Whenever I go abroad, especially to Austria or Germany, I always go to the local bakery to buy fresh bread. The prices are higher than in the supermarkets, but the flavors and choices are a feast for the palate and the eyes.
Our stores sell bread made primarily from wheat flourand rye flourand combinations thereof.
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Less common are spelt, buckwheat, and corn flours. Traditional consommé bread, caraway bread, and toasted bread are the most widely sold. However, whole-grain and multigrain breads flavored with a variety of seeds and onions are also growing in popularity. Czechs love freshly baked and toasted bread. My father was always nibbling on still-warm bread on his way home from the store.
Bread, whether yeasted, sourdough, or unleavened,is simplya staple.