Math exam? Yes or No?

It is not yet clear whether all middle school and grammar school students must graduate in math. Should all children really be required to take entrance exams in this hated subject? What would you think about this issue?
Matematika a počty
Since elementary school, mathematics has been a very controversial subject. It is quite difficult to learn this subject, whether one is good at it or not, and because it requires a mathematical mindset to understand formulas and procedures.
You may also have heard about the division between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. According to this theory, all human brains are divided into right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere is the intuitive, synthetic, and highly subjective hemisphere. In contrast, the left hemisphere is logical, analytical, and objective.
Mathematics, other mathematical subjects, analytical studies, and logic fall into the left hemisphere, while foreign languages, foreign languages, the ability to learn Czech, and more creative subjects, for example, fall into the right hemisphere.
Each individual is said to be more dominant in only one hemisphere, with far more work to be done in the other hemisphere, and not at all sure if even the slightest satisfactory result can be achieved.
What are we trying to say? What we are trying to say is that someone can learn mathematics easily, think mathematically, and operate mathematically. But there are others who learn a foreign language easily, can write an essay in Czech, but the example is a Spanish village for them.
Matematické vzorečky
Yes, we should all have a numerical foundation and should be able to do mathematical examples with the help of, for example, calculators, spreadsheets, formulas, the Internet and other tools. But do nurses need the Pythagorean Theorem? Do writers, editors, and editors need to know powers and square roots as adults? Not really.
High school and grammar school are there to prepare students for future college studies or for a license of their choice. So, unless one is already proficient in mathematics in elementary school, one would not choose a profession in which one is expected to work with numbers.
Therefore, we do not believe that graduation from this analytical and logical subject should be mandatory for all. Those who know they are not friends with numbers will hardly be able to pass the entrance exam and hope for dazzling results.