House and apartment

Living According to Feng Shui

The basis of Feng Shui is to achieve balance in our relationship with our environment and ourselves. It works on the flow of energy in the house. When placed correctly, we can feel good and happy in our homes. The literal translation is wind and water. Wind dissipates energy and water retains energy. What are the basic rules of this teaching?
It is important to start around the house. According to feng shui, it is important that the path to and around the house is already clean and undamaged. The front door should not face a lamp or tree, and the house should face the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
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A good flow of energy should be ensured in children\’s rooms, which will have a positive impact on their health and well-being. Beds should be placed as far away as possible from doors and various electrical devices. Frequent ventilation and essential oils such as chamomile, rose, and vanilla should be used to set the mood in the room. Overall, make the room feel loving, kind, and supportive.

In the bedroom, it is important to allow sensual energy to flow appropriately. To this end, televisions, computers, and plants should be removed and ventilated frequently. For balance, light white to dark brown skin colors are appropriate. Beds must be accessible from both sides and face one wall. They must not be directly in line with the door.
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Seating in the living room should face the door so that one does not have to turn around. The entire room, including dark corners, should be illuminated with bright colors, plants, mirrors and lighting. Televisions should not be placed in the center of the room, as this would disrupt the flow of pure energy. On the contrary, the ideal centerpiece is the fireplace. The table in this room symbolizes health and should appear clean and tidy.

The kitchen should be clean and shining as it reflects the highest energy. This is because it radiates bad energy and generally has a negative effect on the ability to perceive. The position of the sink and stove is important and they should not face each other. This leads to clashes. Fresh green flowers bring positive energy and can counteract these negative elements.