Create your own original fashion

Update your wardrobe with cool clothes.
Want to wear clothes that will literally make your summer shine?
Don\’t feel like spending your savings in a crowded department store with other shopping fanatics?

If you answered yes three times in a row, let me give you a simple trick to secure new fashion items at home, using only materials and tools that most women have readily available.
barvy textilu
So what do you need?
A white T-shirt (even with prints or writing) in a cut that is comfortable to wear, is made of water-absorbent material, and flattering to your figure is all you need.
Additionally, old jeans that you don\’t wear much anymore but still fit you perfectly are recommended. If they have been washed, frayed, or have little holes here and there, that\’s even better.
Finally, we recommend a light-colored canvas bag as an item that can be given new life in a matter of minutes.
All you need is some twine, fabric paint or dye, and a pair of scissors. You don\’t need much more than that.
staré džíny
How do you do it?

Take the T-shirt and cut the left and right sleeves horizontally three times so that each hole is a different length. Do the same for the back hem (hip). This way, the shirt will have a completely different edge and will not make you sweat in the summer.
The legs of the jeans can be cut off to make shorts, and various holes and openings can be made in the front with scissors to match the T-shirt.
Next, dye an old canvas bag with batik in cheerful summer colors.