Is there a young person in today’s society who does not have a degree?

Many young people automatically head off to college after high school in order to obtain a degree and the highest possible academic credentials. In many cases, this is their wish and dream goal, rather than their choice of major,with a big question mark hanging over it.
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Demand for skilled personnel
As a result of the large number of college graduates, there is a relative shortage of manual laborers vysokoškolské promoceand those with vocational secondary education without further study
. As a result, based precisely on their scarcity, they are often better off financially than their newly graduated friends.
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It is also true that many jobs list “secondary education” or “vocational education with a high school diploma” as the required education. The question then becomes how much further study is worth, and whether one is given preference over other applicants simply because they have spent more time in academia. Of course, it depends on where you are looking for a job.
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Of course, a college degree opens many doors for you and is a great way to step into your dream job and the future that comes with it. However, someone who goes to college just to get a degree and has no other motivation or enthusiasm for the field at all has little chance of finding a job in that field. Such types may not complete their studies or suffer emotionally during their studies. And this is not really necessary. [29] The fact that a degree alone is not enough is also important, and one should consider gaining sufficient work experience [30] and gaining valuable experience [31] during one\’s student years.