Invisible Dog has been continuously published since 1996

Anyway, he was able to add his pebbles to the mosaic of fragments, and it began to be pronounced more and more often in the world at that time. Internet.
In 1996, the Czech Internet was not at such a stage of birth as expansion and physical growth. The history of computer networks dates back to the late 60s.The years of the last CENTURY associated with the operation of ARPANET and the gradual development of networks on CAMPUS. The first public Internet was operational in our country only in 1995-7, and the cost of the connection was almost astronomical. ondřej Neff began publishing his “Dog” about 1 year later,23. 1996 year 4 month. It was also more common than ever to sit on a chair or computer at home, as it was a year with relatively abundant rainfall.
káva u novin
ondřej Neff does not need to chase readers with dubious advertising, he is a man talented in literary inventions, the articles are fascinating and readable, in addition, they tell many of us that they are excerpts from life, comments on various topics from the strange sphere of man and non-existence, sometimes resembling the text of a blog.After all, someone considers ondřej Neff to be the first blogger in the Czech Republic. Initially,The Invisible Dogwas Mr. Neff\’s own publishing tool, but very quickly began to change, initially in the form of public comments on his contributions, and later through editorial colleagues, into a collective collaboration of several authors. There was even such a slogan: “This is the source from which the Sun never sets”, which table the idea of interconnection at the international, that is, directly intercontinental level
vlčák na sněhu

A german shepherd named gordon.

Mr. Neff\’s first contribution was to his dog, Gordon. It was the day of the 12th anniversary of Gordon\’s birth, when the invisible dog server began, but the dog did not live to see this event, he went to dog Heaven less than 2 months ago. Perhaps that is why the site is called as it is called, but Gordon is not visible, but he can feel and perceive with his mind, and it is still possible to communicate with him. I don\’t know if Mr. Nev is talking to his old dog friend in his thoughts, but I certainly know that his server has been talking to us for almost 22 years, he works in cooperation with the editorial office of Lidové noviny and can easily “google” his address.