A Legendary History of Gaming

The famous Blizzard North studio action RPG was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 for Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS and Mac OS. Filled with dark fantasy and horror elements, David Brevik was the lead designer, with Erich Schaefer and Max Schaefer also serving as project leaders. Producers were Matthew Householder and Bill Roper.

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Diablo 2 is the younger sister of the highly successful Diablo released in 1996; the second sequel quickly rose to the top of the most popular games of the 2000s and is considered by many to be the biggest and best computer game ever. A major factor in its huge success was that it was a sequel to a popular fantasy/horror saga. Another major plus was that access to the Battle.net gaming network was free. The network allowed players to connect with each other and play multiplayer anywhere in the world.

In 2001, a data disc called Diablo II: The Lord of Destruciton was released. This disc expanded the game by one act and gave players a glimpse of the new “bad guy” Baal.
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The plot of the second game is divided into four levels, called Acts. Each Act follows a predetermined path.In Act 1, players begin in a dark wilderness, in Act 2 they move to a distant desert, in Act 3 to a damp and inhospitable jungle, and in Act 4 to hell. Thanks to the randomly generated locations and maps, players can play the game over and over again without getting bored. Each act has a number of tasks that players must complete in order to advance to the next act. The Lord of Destruction expansion pack includes a fifth act set in heaven. As in other games, there are optional quests, which players complete primarily to gain better weapons and money.

Players can also choose the character(s) they decide to play. Players can choose from the Sorceress, Amazon, Barbarian or Paladin. On the data disc, there are three more characters to choose from: the Necromancer, the Assassin, and the Druid.

The next sequel to the game was simply titled Diablo 3. The game was announced at the Blizzcon gaming festival in 2008 and was released on May 15, 2012.