Indispensable Helpers

When someone asked me how I made such a fluffy dough, how I could whip eggs and snow like that, and how I made iced coffee, I just smile. I had friends in the kitchen for years and I had it, so I was really good at baking. I would never have used my hands to whip and knead the dough as beautifully as he did. my food processor.
kuchyňská pomůcka.jpg
Sure, he and his assistants take up some space, but that doesn\’t matter. It pays off handsomely. It was not an investment, but a wedding present. He has great stamina. I use it several times a week, even daily, and it has not had a single flaw in 5 years. Yet powerful and reliable, the Bosch brand. 
I didn\’t choose it myself, but even if I chose it, I probably didn\’t choose it any more. It meets everything I expect from it and you can buy some attachments like for making ice cream, but this is not necessary.
ovoce a kuchyňský robot.jpg

What robots can do.

*Whisking, mixing and kneading
Basic and my most used features. Whether it is a sponge cake, linz or yeast dough, everything works beautifully. I will prepare the dough for Christmas cookies with it alone. The cake is beautiful and fluffy, and the bread is like a blast. It has several attachments, which I change depending on the density of the fabric.
Perfect for fruit processing in summer or healthy cocktails in winter. Another juicer, of course, will be better and more powerful, it depends on how often you use and need this.
*Grind meat, poppy seeds
Homemade meatballs, patties, burgers, chevapchichi and other fine meat dishes will be much easier if you grind them with an additional electric grinder rather than by hand.
*Slicing, grating and chopping
You need to process the vegetables in the freezer or grate the potatoes into potato pancakes. Then this is your ideal helper. Everything is processed quickly and quickly washed off.
Blender for baby porridge and soup, and for iced coffee I use really often.