How to be an Attractive Woman

Be natural.
Men prefer women to wear makeup and paint their nails, but most prefer a natural, light beautification. Sure, you can wear makeup for a night out, but you don\’t have to wear smoky eye shadow and black lipstick to the grocery store. Try a nude or light pink nail polish, sheer lip gloss, and colored mascara. A little powder on the cheeks. Dress for where you are going and what you look best in.
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Be confident
Healthy confidence is good for everyone. Moreover, women who are confident are more confident in their appearance.
Never underestimate yourself.
No one can be the best at everything, but a woman who thinks she can\’t do anything is ultimately a loser. No man can do nothing. Why not try to succeed at what you are good at? Opportunities are waiting for you everywhere, so just seize them.
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Enjoy yourself.
What if a friend invites you to a party or your partner invites you to a movie? Go wherever you want. You can always go back, but you never know what good company you\’ll meet, plus you never know what you\’ll come up with, what different ideas you\’ll come up with, what fun you\’ll have, what friends you\’ll make!