Brandenburg Gate
Driving through Berlin, you will find many interesting sights that you should not miss. One of them is the famous Brandenburg Gate. It is one of the most famous landmarks and symbols of Germany. It is located in the center of Berlin. It is 26 meters high, 65.5 meters wide, and 11 meters long. The gate is constructed with a gap between the pillars. Above the gate are various decorations and reliefs, representing, for example, scenes from the life of Hercules and other historical figures. At the top of the gate is the famous quadriga, representing the winged goddess of victory entering the city.
brandenburger tor
Dresdenčást drážďan
Besides the fact that one can shop at Primark in Dresden, the city offers many other interesting opportunities. Dresden is a very beautiful city full of historical monuments and amazing architecture. For example, one can visit St. Mary\’s Cathedral, the famous opera house in Semper, and the city\’s landmark, the Japan Palace. There is also the Augustus Bridge, one of the first bridges over the Elbe River and modeled after Prague\’s Charles Bridge.
část drážďan
Cologne along the Rhine
A must-see for architecture fans. There are medieval buildings, various churches, and the city\’s landmark, Cologne Cathedral. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cologne is full of restaurants and discos, both day and night.

Lübeck is one of the largest and most beautiful ports in Germany. A walk around the Holstein Gate is truly breathtaking. Here you can see mainly medieval monuments.
most hohenzollern
If you don\’t like crowded cities, go to the Rhineland. Between Bingen and Bonn lies a beautiful region filled with medieval castles and fortresses. This trip is best enjoyed by boat. Vineyards, local villages and churches, and beautiful nature add to the atmosphere.