Do you understand computers?

When computers first appeared in our country, of course almost nobody understood them. Probably everyone thought, as I did, that computers were so complicated that few people could understand them. What to do with such things?

Later, personal computers became more and more common, and computers became ubiquitous in offices, schools and homes. And more and more people were able to do things with them. However, many of us still did not understand what computers actually did. Although it was easier back then because computers had much less functionality than they do now.

obrázek počítače

And now? A lot of people are using computers now. People often say they can\’t do without their computers anymore. But does that mean we understand this technology and what works and how it works? I don\’t think we understand yet.

I know that there are many different components in these computers, graphics cards, network cards, hard drives, and other things that I cannot even name. We know what they are, but we don\’t know exactly what they do. All we know is the result of what those components can do. We can write without paper and pen; we can draw without crayons; we can send messages without envelopes; we can communicate without telephones; we can watch programs without television; we can read the news without daily newspapers; we can enjoy pornography without videos, tapes, or key chains, music without a tape recorder, work without an attendance book, etc.

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We can do all this because of computers. And it doesn\’t matter that we don\’t understand why it is possible. Why is it that at any given moment we can instantly see all over the world and immediately see what is right around the corner again?

I don\’t understand. But I don\’t care. As long as it works. Strangely enough, it works. I don\’t know why, though.