House and apartment

5 basic criteria you should Choose Housing

1.    Prices

Property pricesare constantly rising,so many people dare to say that it is increasingly difficult to reach them. But what if you are planning a family or live with a partner and still can not find enough money?
Fortunately, today there are other options than hiding your savings in a piggy bank. While there are countless mortgage offers on the market, banks have many detailed terms that make it impossible to buy basic needs such as their own housing
Fortunately, there are also companies and banks that offer mortgages that make no sense overall terms and rank only the most important of them. There is nothing easier than taking advantage of their fair offer.
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2.    Places

Where we actually want to live, whether we can keep animals in nearby businesses, schools, certain buildings (in the case of apartments), or whether there are small children in surrounding buildings or apartmentsNoisy neighbors(perhaps, there is nothing more unpleasant than waking up in the middle of the night for noisy neighbors). You should carefully consider (there is also no need to worry about this).
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3.    Number of roommates- living space

This probably seems like a matter of course. It is not only about the number of rooms, but also about the total area of the apartment. Due to the lack of space, it is not very pleasant for 5 families to step on each other\’s heels. On the contrary, for a couple, it will remain unused, but there is no need for unnecessarily large areas where you will pay extra.

4.    Property status

First of allDo not forget to inspect the property by a specialist!There is nothing good about finding issues that are irreparable (or very hard to fix) after the contract is concluded.
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5.    The layout of the property

We talked about the fact that square meters can be one of the basic criteria when choosing,, but it is also necessary to take into account the shape of the apartmentand the number of rooms.
Some landlords are trying to narrow down as many apartments as possible to limited space.That is, the shape of the apartment can be like noodles, but the area in square meters is not the worst. But, despite this, such a shape, as a rule, does not provide enough space for life. Additional criteria should also include at what base point the window is located, the size of the window, and the number of windows.