Children and the Internet

Certainly not all of us agree with this, but for my part, I would like to point out in this article how parents today – while not completely ignoring it – are letting their children do whatever they want. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule of not lending smartphones to young children, while others buy them their own smartphones and tablets at an early age. However, it is only in recent years that this trend has become widespread. While such a thing may not have been considered in the past, it is now becoming rather commonplace.
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Often, children do what they want on the Internet and no one can control it. And we adults know all about what is available on the Internet. For example, starting with YouTube, children have easy access to videos that are not intended for children. Unfortunately, it is very easy to set up an account where you enter that you are 20 years old and no one can verify that. Coupled with this problem is the fact that the children\’s own parents seek advice from their children on how to use the Internet. In most cases, it is the children who spend the most time online and are the most knowledgeable. For example, there are sites where they can exchange opinions about drugs.
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How can this be prevented or reduced?
It is very simple: just limit children\’s exposure to the online world. After all, what children learn in the real world is much more important than what is written somewhere on the Internet. The easiest thing to do is to not buy them their own cell phones. That way, there is no control over the phone and parents cannot keep track of what their children are looking at or what sites they are reading. The Internet cannot distinguish whether a child has a cell phone or an adult does. It is primarily up to the parents.