Articles 11 and 13 on Copyright

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the MEPs\’ upcoming decision to adopt this proposal. In fact, it will already be in force in two years. This meeting and decision took place on March 26, 2019. Worldwide, this situation triggered the largest mass demonstrations, especially by young people, and this threat affected their future and image on social media. More than one million people signed a petition in this struggle. This was also an important setback, but the National Assembly ignored it and continued to debate the issue further. The article discusses and regulates copyright issues ranging from searching in Internet browsers to protecting YouTube from inappropriate content.
padající hvězda
In everyday situations, this change will bring many complications that almost no one can imagine. Producers of the YouTube video platform will be the most affected, as it will be governed under strict censorship. But what happens if the controlling authorities decide that it is inappropriate content? What punishment will be handed down? What constitutes inappropriate content? That remains to be seen. How will online marketing be affected? States must adopt these national rules, but they have the right to interpret and adapt them in their own way.
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The general public who use search engines to access information and individual pages will be able to conduct clean and complex searches without short perexes that always summarize the entire content of an article, including keywords. After the change, the perex will be gone and the user will have to search only by page title. For most people, this tedious process would be unimaginable and a waste of time. Students often use the website\’s Internet search engine as a teaching aid that covers the material from a broad perspective.
For now, we can only wait and see how it all plays out and how it will affect us, the average Internet user.
Do you think this decision is the right one for the EU? Will this law cause great difficulties and complications?