All-Purpose Home Cosmetics

Homemade oils

Who doesn\’t know the comfort of nourishing oils that leave skin soft, supple and fresh? Making such oil at home is very easy. It is not difficult. All you need are a few ingredients, patience, and time. What you need to make oil
Sklenice s různými bylinami v oleji

1. Remember that you are making oil for yourself, for health and beauty. You can use classic olive oil, but there are others available such as sunflower, sesame, almond, etc.

2. Herbs

Herbs for maceration. Not only the ubiquitous calendula or rosehip flowers, but also the fruit itself can be used, for example, a pack of myrrh. There are countless herbs suitable for preparation. Many of them grow in the garden.

3. Containers

A sealed container that can be shaken daily. Any jar with a lid will do, although glass, preferably dark-colored glass, is recommended over plastic. Because

4. space

The jars should be placed in a warm, shaded area. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Shake them daily with their contents to release all substances. Allow the herb jars to rest for 3-4 weeks.
Heřmánek ve sklenici s olejem

5. Strainer

It is useful to filter the oil from the herbs at the end of the process. Old, unwanted towels, gauze, or cut sheets may be used. Fresh herbs can be placed in the bottom of a new jar suitable for preservation, both as an ornamental object and as a reminder of what oil is in the jar.

You can also warm the herbs in oil slightly just before or 3-4 weeks after soaking. This way, more substances are released into the oil. Be careful with the temperature, however. Do not make the oil hot. Most of the beneficial substances will be lost.

The oil can be stored in small bottles, but various small atomizers and dispensers are also suitable.