Xylitol – a natural sugar

Xylitol is a sweetener found in xylan. A natural carbohydrate, it is obtained from the bark of fruits, vegetables, other plants, and birch bark. Xylitol has no secondary flavors. Thisnatural sweetenercontains about 40% fewer calories than regular white sugar, but has the same sweetness. Xylitol is in the same crystalline state as regular sugar.
It has a very low glycemic index, making it suitable for diabetics.
– Xylitol is highly regarded for its ability to protect teeth from decay.
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Popular natural sweetener

This natural sugar has been used as a sweetener since the 1960s and is one of the most popular natural sweeteners worldwide. For edible purposes, it is made from birch bark and corn. Xylitol is always exactly the same substance, no matter which plant it is obtained from. Xylitol tastes exactly the same as regular white sugar.
– Xylitol also occurs naturally in the human body,andthe human body produces 15 grams of xylitol daily through natural metabolism.
– Xylitol is slowly absorbed by the body and is only partially utilized. Therefore, the caloric burden on the body is also lower. It also contains 40% fewer calories than white sugar
– Xylitol also has the excellent property of protecting tooth enamel from decay [26] [27] [28] [29] because it attacks and destroys oral flora [25] [24]. Uses of xylitol [30] Since xylitol has the same sweetness as regular top white sugar, it can be used to sweeten coffee and tea in the same manner and quantity as regular sugar. Similarly, xylitol can be used directly in the kitchen for cooking and baking in the same way as white sugar. It is sufficient to replace regular sugar with xylitol at a ratio of 1:1 when preparing food.