Why Mustangs?

that fulfill the expectations of their time, only to be replaced by something newer, more perfect, and better as the months and years pass, fading into the depths of imagined history. For the world is in a state of constant progress, so that the good gradually turns into the bad, and the useful into the useless.

But there are some things that do not lose their popularity after all these years, do not fall into oblivion, and bring a smile to the lips of future generations. For they become legendary.
znak Fordu

One example of the aforementioned is the Ford Mustang GT . In other words, since 1964, the roads (not our roads, of course. Because of the Iron Curtain, as you may recall, we were then part of the “peace and socialist camp,” while “America was on the edge of a cliff,” so something like an American car would not have been very acceptable here). And it was so perfect that two years later it had sold over 500,000 units.

Of course, that was no mere coincidence. For this sports car from Ford Motor Company had a completely original shape, and it also had cheaper technology.
maska Mustangu

And after all these years, the car is still popular. Even in its current innovative form, it is something special. It has a spectacular design, a powerful engine, a very sturdy and robust construction, and many more advantages. Just to name a few:

c) precise and accurate steering

d) skvělé řazení

e) automatickou převodovku

f) dotykový barevný displej

g) až osm airbagů

h) h) dešťový senzor

i) zadní parkovací kameru

j) asistenta rose

k) asistenta monitorujícího dění před vozem a varujícího před překážkami

l) Other modern technologies

The reasons are obvious .

Who wouldn\’t want to ride something like Jean-Paul Balmond or Rudiek Sobota, famous movie actors like Jean-Paul Balmond in the movie “Yachim, throw him into the machine”?

If only it were possible so far. No matter how old this car is.